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Misty is the youngest of four sisters who have

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Misty is the youngest of four sisters who have. It is a stubborn tomboy and lives with her sisters in Cerulean Gym ade shawl. Educated by her older sisters are full of charm. She left the gym with one goal, to become the most accomplished coach in the world of water Pokemon. Her meeting with Ash when she was fishing with her jewels fishing between Viridian City and Pallet Town in a river. They were traveling with Ash and Brock, and the Kanto region was Tracey, in Johto region and close several times in the Orange Islands. She wanted to take revenge on Ash bicycle accident that broke when it was their first together. In fact, Misty seemed to have forgotten the bicycle, which was actually the real reason they stayed together after their long journey and became friends. Misty is characterized as optimistic and sometimes sweet, but is known by everyone as quickly and easily get angry, become frustrated and mad, and quickly becomes violent. Easily switch from state to another. There are several episodes where she is seen with younger brothers of the family, that is with Sakura, Mikey, and Max. It follows that it understands very well how it feels to be among the small family as it is with four older sisters they have. Its objectives are not as clear as the other main characters, because, though her desire is to increase water toys, there are other things she likes to do and does it have greater confidence in its. One of her hobbies are fishing also has a special lure that has made a gift of Ash. Misty has beautiful hair. Usually has a tail on the left side of her head. There are times when hair is let down, sometimes when you usually go to bed. She actually wore extensions when worn suits or sirens in Cerulean Blues Misty Mermaid. It is also smaller than Brock but higher than ash. It has the three main clothing and sports and all are very colorful.
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